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Our History


Citizens State Bank started as a private bank in Lena, IL sometime in the 1880s. It was known as the Waite & Hinds Banking Company being named for the founders, Charles Waite (pictured right) and Judge Hinds.


The bank was incorporated and received an Illinois State Banking Charter. At that time, construction began on a new bank building on the corner of Schuyler and Main Streets, now known as the Coffee House.


The arrival of The Great Depression in 1936 forced the closure of local banks, including ours. As the depression eased, Citizens State Bank was one of the first banks in Stephenson County to reopen with no losses to the depositors.

Between 1936 & 1966

Between 1936 and 1966, our reputation, customer base
and total assets grew at a tremendous rate at the Lena location.


The bank moved to the present site of the Lena branch at 102 W. Main Street.


Citizens State Bank was granted Trust Powers and formed the Trust Department.


Another building project was completed which enlarged and remodeled the existing Lena branch.


Citizens State Bank acquired the Stockton branch of Grand National Bank at 133 W. Front Avenue.


A new branch was opened in Freeport, IL at 1525 S. Forest Road.

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