CSB employees rose before the sun on early Saturday morning in June. Their goal: to serve breakfast to attendees during the 31st annual Stephenson County Ag Breakfast at the Stephenson County Fairgrounds in Freeport.

Kimberly Durward, Jim Endress, Kellie White, Dennis Groezinger, Marlyse Johnson and Brock Musser were all on hand, spatulas and tongs at the ready, to dish out some mouthwatering breakfast items for the many friends and neighbors who came to call.

The annual Ag Breakfast is an opportunity for local farmers and merchants to showcase a variety of agricultural products produced in Stephenson County.  Other activities offered to attendees included a food drive, silent auction, farm animal display, raffle, and the ever-popular “Ask A Farmer” Q and A session.

If you missed out on this year’s delicious affair then be sure to make a note to buy your tickets for the 2017 breakfast – you’ll find details online at stephensoncfb.org.

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