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Welcome to Citizens State Bank!

At Citizens State Bank, we are committed to being your full service, independent, locally-owned community bank. Our customers rely on our expertise, professional staff and diverse products and services, many of which can be customized to suit your specific needs. All business decisions are made locally by people who live and work where you do. Above all, we listen to your needs and go the extra step to provide you with complete satisfaction.

For more than 130 years Citizens State Bank has remained confident, courteous and close by.



School Pride Debit Cards Pay Off For Local Schools

Citizens State Bank is pleased to announce this year’s donations from our popular School Pride
Debit Card Program!

On January 21st, CSB Vice-President for Commercial and Consumer Lending Mike Mammoser
presented a $100 donation to Dr. David Gilliland, Superintendent for the Stockton School
District. The following day on January 22nd, CSB Chief Financial Officer Amy Baker presented
a donation of $195 to Mark Kuehl, Principal of Le-Win High School, and two $100 donations
each to Pearl City Schools Superintendent Tim Thill and Freeport Schools Superintendent Mike

Citizens State Bank’s School Pride Debit Cards have been a big hit among our customers since
they debuted in 2012. Not only do they allow cardholders to show off their spirit for their favorite
high school team, but the $5 sign up fee is donated directly to support programs at each of the
four participating high schools.

Citizens State Bank currently offers a debit card for each of the following four high schools and
their mascots: the Stockton Blackhawks, Freeport Pretzels, Lena-Winslow Panthers, and the
Pearl City Wolves. Each card can be used to make debit purchases wherever the VISA logo is
displayed. They can also be used to withdraw cash, either at ATMs or by utilizing the “cash
back” option available from most merchants. The School Pride Debit Cards can be obtained by
opening a checking account at any of Citizens State Bank’s three convenient locations.
Customers that already have an account with Citizens State Bank can request one from a bank


Security Reminder

5 star rating

As a helpful service, Citizens State Bank would like to remind you to never share personal account information with anyone requesting it over the phone or in an email. Citizens State Bank will NEVER ask for personal account information in this manner. We recently received an alert that customers at another community bank reported receiving automated phone calls with a recording claiming that the call was coming from their bank. The recording then instructed the customers to provide their private account information. Customers who did so later discovered that unauthorized attempts had been made to access the funds in their accounts. Regardless of whether the party on the other end is a recording or a live person, please do not fall victim to this scam. When in doubt, hang up and immediately call the bank to report any information solicitations.



The FDIC has issued warnings of scams involving emails and pop-ups, as well as text messages asking for account numbers, passwords, etc. NEITHER CITIZENS STATE BANK NOR THE FDIC WILL EVER ASK YOU FOR ACCOUNT INFORMATION EITHER ONLINE, E-MAIL, OR TEXT MESSAGING. If you receive any such requests asking for account numbers, credit or debit card numbers, or passwords, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND!

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