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2014 April Newsletter



Tips for Putting Your Home on the Market

Spring is widely considered to be the best time to sell a home. If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, there are some simple, inexpensive strategies you can employ to help get your home sold faster.

Curb Appeal

Because the outside of your home will be the first thing prospective buyers see when they pull up, it’s important for your home’s exterior to make a great first impression. If you have siding, consider pressure-washing it to blast away accumulated dirt and grime; if your home is painted, look it over and touch up any bare or peeling spots. Pay attention to small details, too, like fixing and cleaning door latches, light fixtures, railings and house numbers. Clean gutters and downspouts, make sure the landscaping looks tidy, and sweep the front walk and back patio.

In addition to the cleaning, you may consider beautifying the front of your home with inexpensive planters or hanging baskets with colorful flowers. Also, consider buying a new “Welcome” mat to lay in front of your door. These are small touches, but they can make a world of difference in making prospective buyers feel welcome.

Clear the Clutter

This can be a little tricky if you’re still living in the home that you’re trying to sell. However, it’s vital that prospective buyers can envision themselves inside your home – and that’s tough for them to do if they become overwhelmed by your stuff. Start by clearing clutter off of visible areas such as tables, kitchen counters, desks and book cases. Do the same for each room in your home; you may need to consider storing extra furniture and belongings until after the sale. While you’re at it, be sure to clear out excess items from closets and cabinets – this can help persuade potential buyers that there is plenty of storage space in your home, which may not be evident if your closets are full of stuff. It may seem like extra work, but the more organized your home is, the faster it will sell.

Set the Stage

Staging is a strategy by which you use inexpensive touch-ups to make your home as appealing as possible to potential buyers. A successfully-staged home will feel more welcoming and attractive, and will appeal to a wider range of prospective buyers. Often, staging involves the removal of personal items from throughout the home, and may even require light touch-ups to improve the home’s aesthetics. Staging tactics can include repainting rooms with an appealing neutral color, using inexpensive furniture to freshen the feel of a room, and removing family photos so prospective buyers have an easier time envisioning themselves in the home.

While staging can be taken on as a DIY project, there are numerous companies who specialize in staging homes. This can be a worthwhile investment, as various studies have shown that properly staged homes can sell faster, draw multiple offers and even sell for above the asking price.

Talk to Us for Your Mortgage Needs

Now that you’ve got some strategies for helping to sell your current home, take a second to consider how you’re going to finance your new home. Fortunately, Citizens State Bank can help: we offer a variety of mortgage products to help fit your needs, including Fixed Rate Mortgages where neither the interest rate nor the principle and interest payment will increase during the entire term. There are also Bridge Loans available that can help you cover expenses during the period that you’re trying to sell one home and purchase another. Regardless of your circumstances, our Mortgage Lenders can help answer your questions, evaluate your situation and recommend the loan product that’s ideal for you.

Selling a home is no small task, but it can be a fun and rewarding experience – and if you feel unsatisfied with your current residence, then it’s the first step to finding the home of your dreams!

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