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2012 August Newsletter

Trips with Citizens State Bank

From regional attractions to exotic destinations, see the world with your friends from Citizens State Bank!

Although we love the communities we serve, we’ll be the first to admit that it's nice to occasionally pack some bags and explore the world beyond Lena, Stockton and Freeport. Whether it's a week spent cruising along the banks of the Danube River as it threads its way across the landscape of Europe, or lounging in an inner tube in a Lazy River at Noah’s Ark Water Park, Citizens State Bank has a trip that’s perfect for you! Originally organized as a way for the bank’s senior customers to come together and socialize, Citizens Trips has evolved over the years to be open and inclusive to everyone, regardless of age.

“Everybody and anybody is welcome to join us – you don’t even have to be a bank customer to go!” said Janet Lindenman, Citizens State Bank’s Personal Banking Officer at the Freeport location. “We try to accommodate all ages when we plan our excursions. In the past we’ve had participants who were anywhere from the mid-20’s and up into the 90’s. It makes for a fun, diverse travel group.”

Janet has been helping to organize Citizens Trips for the past five years, but remembers them being a part of the bank for as far back as 25 years. The trips are planned by a committee that decides upon the destinations and activities. They do the legwork of finding the best deals from vendors and bus agencies. “These aren’t a revenue source for the bank – we don’t make any money off of these trips,” Janet explained. “Our goal is to keep costs low so everyone gets the biggest bang for their buck.”

While overseas trips to exotic ports-of-call are obvious hits, Janet says that a lot of the regional trips are quite popular, too. “We get a lot of responses for our road trips to see plays,” Janet observed. “An earlier trip to the Fireside Theatre in Wisconsin was a big hit, as were past trips to see fall colors in Iowa and musical acts in Branson. And we sponsor a lot of trips around the country; we’ve taken groups to Alaska, Hawaii and California, just to name a few.”

Highlights of upcoming trips include:
“Taste of Home” (October 9) – a trek to Greendale, Wisconsin to tour the visitor center and test kitchens of Reiman Publications, publishers of Taste of Home Magazine. Along the way, guests will enjoy lunch at the Old Country Buffet and visit an elegant farmers’ market.

“Nuts About Music with Holiday Cheer” (December 4) – this road trip will culminate at the 57-acre Sanfilippo Estate for a guided tour of what was once the palatial home to Fisher Nuts magnate Jasper Sanfilippo. While there, guests will be treated to an afternoon of holiday music. It’s an ideal lead-up to the holidays!

“Melodies of the Danube” (Sept. 10-13, 2013) – a magical journey along Europe’s famed Danube River. Travelers will fly to Budapest, Hungary, where they will board a riverboat that will take them through the heart of Europe on the way to Germany, visiting exciting ports-of-call along the way.

Janet invites anyone with a desire to travel to come along with Citizens Trips. “Come travel with us! We make it so easy and friendly for everyone. We take care of all the details so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the adventure!”

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