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2013 February Newsletter



First Payouts Awarded to Schools Participating in School Pride Debit Card Program

Citizens State Bank is currently offering a debit card for each of the following four high schools and their mascots: the Pearl City Wolves, Stockton Blackhawks, Freeport Pretzels, and Lena-Winslow Panthers. The $5 sign-up fee of each card is donated directly to support the school district whose mascot appears on the card.

Early this year saw the first payouts made by Citizens State Bank to participating schools: on January 20th, CSB Loan Officer Mike Mammoser presented a check for $215 to Stockton Superintendent of Schools Dr. David Gilliland (top photo). Shortly thereafter, on February 8th, CSB Senior Vice President Joel Kempel presented a check for $155 to Pearl City Schools Superintendent Tim Thill (bottom photo). That brings the total funds raised by the School Pride Debit Card Program to $370. More contributions are expected to be made later this year to the other two schools currently participating in the program.





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