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2014 February Newsletter



CSB makes donations to help local non-profits

In the spirit of the holidays, Citizens State Bank offered its support to a non-profit agency in each of the three communities we serve. This year's donations included $2,000 to the Lena Food Pantry, $2,000 to the Stockton Food Pantry, and $1,000 to the Freeport Area Church Cooperative.

"There's more to being a good neighbor than simply respecting those who live or work next door to you," observed Bank President Fritz Kuhlmeier. "Being a good neighbor means reaching out to help those in the community who are struggling or who are less fortunate than you. We're proud to offer our support to these organizations that are dedicated to helping the poor and underserved in our communities, and we encourage you to do the same."

First Picture (FACC):

Adam Talbert (left) and Dale Heinkel (right) pose with their $1,000 donation to the FACC's Dean Wright.

Second Picture (Stockton Food Pantry):

Mike Mammoser (center) and Dave Erwin (right) present a $2,000 contribution to the Stockton Food Pantry's Irma Zueger.

Third Picture (Lena Food Pantry):

Vice President Adam Talbert presents a $2,000 donation to the Lena Food Pantry's Larry Buchenau.




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