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2012 October Newsletter

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School Pride Debit Cards

Support your local team with the School Pride Debit Card

It’s that time of year to flaunt your school pride. With fall sports in full swing, what better way to do so than by getting and using a School Pride Debit Card from Citizens State Bank?

Each eye-catching card reinforces the pride you have in both your community and your favorite school. Not only will it look great in your wallet, but Citizens State Bank will donate the proceeds from the purchase of your card directly back to your favorite participating school. Citizens State Bank debit cards can be used anywhere you see the VISA logo displayed. They can also be used at ATMs worldwide to access cash from your checking account.

Getting one is easy! If you already have a checking account with Citizens State Bank, just stop in and tell a bank representative that you would like one of the four available School Pride Debit Cards. If you don’t yet have a checking account with Citizens State Bank yet, now is the perfect time to open one of our many checking accounts designed to meet your needs.
Stop by and talk to a bank representative at any of our three convenient locations for more details or to order your card. Good for your wallet, good for your community, good for your school. Any way you look at it, the School Pride Debit Card from Citizens State Bank is definitely a winner.

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